Four ancient Dogecoin (DOGE) whales have been spotted since the beginning of 2023 moving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the leading meme coin. All of these whales had one thing in common: they were inactive for over nine years, before making the recent movements.

A total of 6,818,192 DOGE were moved from these four ancient whales, accounting for a total of $557,157 considering Dogecoin’s price on each day of the registered activity. Data was retrieved by Finbold from the Whale Alert account, on Twitter (X) and from the Dogecoin Blockchain.

  • February 5: 2,043,137 DOGE ($186,364), by “DGqsy…HRkx9”, inactive for 9.1 years
  • April 4: 1,215,614 DOGE ($116,460), by “DBdFd…KsoA5”, inactive for 9.3 years
  • May 4: 1,556,994 DOGE ($123,155), by “DRRnY…8ZueN”, inactive for 9.3 years
  • June 27: 2,002,447 DOGE ($131,178), by “DBw7A…Ymasm”, inactive for 9.5 years

April’s and June’s ancient Dogecoin whales still have 74,257 DOGE ($5,500) and 1 million DOGE ($74,120) behind, respectively. February’s and May’s whales didn’t leave anything behind.

Dogecoin price analysis as ancient whales woke up

All four Dogecoin transactions happened on days with negative price performance (red days) —  when the daily price closed below the opening price — which might suggest that DOGE was affected by the ancient whales’ movements.

DOGE chart with the Dogecoin whales movements on red days.
DOGE 1-day chart. Source: TradingView (Vinicius Barbosa / Finbold)

Meanwhile, DOGE is being exchanged for $0.07407 by press time, with 0.88% losses in the last 24 hours. Dogecoin is ranked 7th with $10.37 billion in market cap, registering 3% gains in the last 30 days.

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