On August 15, AllianceBlock announced the launch of Nexera Exchange, a new decentralized exchange platform that uses a sophisticated on-chain order book technology to increase liquidity for a wide variety of digital currencies and tokenized assets. 

Nexera Exchange is an expansion of AllianceBlock DEX, which was launched last year. AllianceBlock DEX leverages the power of a cutting-edge Automated Market Maker to reduce the possibility of liquidity providers suffering a temporary loss. 

Nexera Exchange serves as an intermediate layer, making AllianceBlock DEX more effective and user-friendly. It was designed to answer the desire for a more simplified user interface and optimal liquidity mechanisms.

DEX systems offer a tremendous amount of untapped potential, but they face several obstacles in terms of user experience and operational smoothness. This is in stark contrast to the user experience provided by centralized exchanges.

Nexera Exchange overcomes this gap by using a novel on-chain order book technology. This allows Nexera Exchange to provide a decentralized trading experience that is on par with the very finest CEX platforms while simultaneously magnifying the basic features of AllianceBlock DEX. 

DEX liquidity with Uniswap

Nexera Exchange is able to make use of Uniswap V3’s deep liquidity pool and efficiently execute limit orders at the best available price because of its integration with the Uniswap protocol. Nexera Exchange’s long-term goal is to become an on-chain limit order book aggregator, improving users’ ability to trade efficiently across many decentralized exchanges. 

What’s more, limit order execution is next on the roadmap for Nexera Exchange. Limit orders will be safely held on-chain thanks to its limit, on-chain order book, and the protocol will choose the best possible match from the order book or Uniswap V3’s liquidity pool. 

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Staking pool

The establishment of a stability staking pool as a means of motivating traders to take an active role in the platform’s operations will be an essential component of this change.

Users will have the ability to stake their NXRA tokens and receive a constant share of the trading fees from Nexera Exchange, therefore establishing an ecosystem that is mutually advantageous for all players. Nexera Exchange customers will have a better overall experience as a result of the incorporation of NXRA as an incentive tool; in addition, this will contribute to the development and liquidity of the platform while also offering extra use for the token itself. 

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