On September 14, AAG, a Web3 infrastructure company simplifying interactions with blockchain applications and the metaverse, will begin the integration of third-party apps into TomoOne, a development that capitalizes on the strong emotional connection formed by digital pets. 

TomoOne had undertaken a nostalgic journey by embracing the allure of the 1990s classic Tamagotchi. The creation of this digital pet game, which operates entirely on a blockchain, serves the purpose of not only paying tribute but also integrating a very captivating gamification element into apps with ease. 

Notably, TomoOne launched within the MetaOne Wallet with a double objective: firstly, to provide Web2 users with a practical understanding of fundamental Web3 concepts, and secondly, to cleverly guarantee that users would never forget their signature for transaction signing. By strategically encouraging individuals to engage with it on a frequent basis from the outset, even if they lack any assets in their wallet. 

Ultimately, TomoOne leverages this gamification for the education of Web2 users in the cryptocurrency space.

The first app to use TomoOne API for gamification

SingSing, a Sing-to-Earn karaoke app, is the first to use the TomoOne API for gamification. It was just released on the Saakuru Blockchain.

According to Jack Vinijtrongjit, CEO of AAG:

“As a pioneer embracing the TomoOne API for a thrilling gamification experience, TomoOne users can now harmonize with their digital companions through lively karaoke sessions and dive into a world of engaging activities on SingSing!”

Meanwhile, SingSing’s Head of Product, Hai Nguyen, stated:

“AAG is a promising and rapidly expanding web3 platform with a solid foundation, and we are thrilled to be a partner, bringing over 70,000 members, NFTs, vouchers, and more for exchange and interaction. We believe that a sustainable partnership will create additional value for both communities, with underlying technology from TomoOne and the MetaOne wallet.” 

The TomoOne platform is undergoing development, and AAG plans to enhance user engagement by integrating a variety of interesting gamification elements. The process starts with the broadening of statistical measures, which now include not only happiness but also intellect and strength. As a result, each pet becomes really unique since their characteristics are influenced by the attentive nurturing provided by its owners. 

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Moreover, users will have the opportunity to engage in captivating contests, where they may test the abilities of their pets by competing against both friends and opponents in a variety of stimulating activities.

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