Exact Sciences Corp (EXAS) has been a popular stock among investors in recent days due to its surging share price. On Friday, EXAS shares soared 17.3% higher as of 11 a.m. ET as investors became increasingly optimistic about the company’s potential.

This surge was largely due to the company’s strong performance across its Screening and Precision Oncology businesses and its Cologuard volume growth. The company massively beat third-quarter expectations and raised its full-year outlook — resulting in EXAS stock skyrocketing.

Investors have good reason to be bullish on EXAS. Cologuard, the company’s flagship product, is a stool-based screening test for colorectal cancer. It is highly accurate, non-invasive, and convenient for patients, making it a popular choice among consumers. In addition, EXAS has been investing heavily in research and development, leading to a number of new products in the pipeline. These include a blood-based liquid biopsy test for early cancer detection and a home-based saliva test for detecting oral cancer. The company has also made notable progress in its precision oncology business, with a number of partnerships with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

This has enabled the company to access larger markets and to create more effective treatments for cancer. EXAS also has strong financials, with a healthy balance sheet and a solid cash position. The company’s earnings per share (EPS) has also been steadily increasing over the past few quarters, indicating that the company is in a strong position.

Furthermore, the company’s DCF model suggests an intrinsic value of $81.32, indicating a potential 29 percent upside from its current level.

In conclusion, EXAS is a stock that has seen significant growth in recent days, and investors have good reason to be bullish on the company. The company has strong products, a solid financial position, and a healthy balance sheet, making it a good option for investors who are looking for a profitable long-term investment.

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