CEI may run like COSM

On December 16th 2022, COSM previously Cosmos Holdings did a 1-25 reverse split, for every 25 shares you’ll receive 1. COSM also changed their name to Cosmos Health Inc.

Previously, COSM was trading around $0.2301 before reverse split. The 1-25 reverse split would impute a value of $5.75 on opening. Before the reverse split COSM had a huge short percentage. The price of COSM ran from $5 to now $23.

Why CEI could be the next to run 1000%

Investors are expressing that CEI may run 1000%. CEI announced that it will be having a 1-50 reverse split, for every 50 shares you’ll receive 1. The reverse split will occur during market open on December 21, 2022. CEI currently (at the time of this article) trades at $0.0901, which the reverse split will impute a value of $4.50. Earlier in the year CEI was trading above $1. Investors are claiming that CEI also has huge short interest and may even merge into their subsidiary, Viking Energy


CEI, is a great investment if you are into green energy and infrastructure play. They have a plethora of pipelines including but not limited to power solutions/generation all the way to clean energy, mining, recycling and gas. I would keep an eye out for this ticker.

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