20 tips to improve your leadership skills

Here are some tips to improve your leadership because its as hard as a long distance race. Maintaining the motivation of your team is very important to achieve your goals. Finding a way to automotify ourselves and transmit that state of mind to our team is essential to keep moving forward.

Take note of these tips to reinforce your self-motivation, inspire others and improve your leadership skills:

1- Get inspired

The true motivation is in oneself. Find what inspires you, visualize your goals. If we are not motivated ourselves, we will not be able to lead our team.

2- Think of others

Worry about people, let others know you count on them and want the best for the team.

3- Take away the negative

Get  negative people away from your team. Reject those ideas that squander the mood of the group.

4- Incorporates positive people

Just as you must flee from harmful relationships, open the door to those that provide motivation and satisfaction to the entire team.

5- Appeals to values

Find out what is important for your team and turn it into an engine to boost your motivation.

6- Celebrate small achievements

No matter how small the triumph achieved, both yours and the rest of the team, it will be a great source of motivation.

7- Reward your team

There are many ways to reward good work and the achievement of important goals. Your team will see it as a stimulus to continue in the right direction.

8- Trust and delegate

Trust your team and delegate tasks. You will discover that things can be done in many ways and without realizing it, you will be encouraging creativity.

9- Involve your team

Ask them what they are doing for each other. Invite them to improve.

10- Be transparent

Share information- Your team must know the circumstances that affects the project of which they are a part of.

11- Report the problems

For the same reason, you must communicate the problems. Together you can better face the situation and find solutions and alternatives.

12- Congratulate and do not look guilty

Avoid blaming specific people for failures, on the contrary try to emphasize when things are done well. Positive feedback is essential to maintain motivation and reinforce leadership.

13- Develop the potential of your team

Start with training projects to improve their skills, for example, time management.

14- Demand

Successful leadership is demanding, flee from mediocrity. The true motivation is obtained by overcoming difficulties.

15- Question

Ask others what motivates them and what doesn’t. It works to eliminate what discourages the team and encourages what stimulates them.

16- Locate the “motivators”

They are the people who work with enthusiasm and affect the other members of the team. Prioritize the professional development of these people.

17- Do not be afraid

Wrong is used to learn, do not fear the possible mistakes of making a decision.

18- Finish what you started

Learn how to do only one thing at a time, and until the end. Avoid leaving something half-hearted to be more productive and perceive your progress more clearly.

19- Make equipment

Reinforce the unity of the group with activities that change the routine, for example, cultural events, team buildings, meetings outside the office.

10- Do not give up

The key to success lies in perseverance. Every leader knows that surrendering is not an option, although he must also know how to leave intelligently.

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