10 essential business apps

Currently there are so many tools and mobile applications for business that the selection process can be quite complex. To help you we have compiled a list that includes the most efficient and necessary mobile applications for companies. This selection covers various areas, from financial planning to data management and communication. Of course there are some that escaped us, since every day new mobile applications appear that promise to improve the management and operations of your business, but we believe that here are the essential ones.

1. NetSuite OneWorld

This mobile application offers large and small companies a fully scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With NetSuite OneWorld you can manage expense reports, purchase orders, business panels and security records. This could be your window to manage your business when you are away from a desktop or laptop.

2. Acumatica

It is considered the best general accounting software in the market because it is a tool based on the browser with which allows you to access your accounting data from any device with an Internet connection. With this application you can enter time cards, run expense reports and enter purchase orders, among many other functions. The app is available for iOS and Android.

3. Expensify

If you are looking for the best expense report software for a mobile device, look no further. Expensify allows you to load receipts through your iOS and Androids applications, which use OCR SmartScan. Expensify is the best tool to accurately process scanned data, which saves employees and administrators time to enter and process expenses.

4. TSheets

This mobile application allows users to record entry and exit times even without cellular coverage. Managers can synchronize team members individually or all at once. Administrators can see who is working and what project they are focused on. They can also create, edit and publish scheduled jobs or shifts, as well as automate alerts, track paid time off, sick days and holidays.

5. ClickMeeting

Anyone can create a video conference from their phone, but few services provide the functionality that ClickMeeting offers. The Android and Apple applications of ClickMeeting allow you to schedule meetings, broadcast audio and videos, share your screen and record your events from a smartphone.

6. Citrix ShareFile Business

This managed file transfer service is not only designed to send large files from a desktop computer. With Citrix ShareFile you can share files from Android, BlackBerry, iOS and mobile devices with Windows. For administrators, this mobile application also offers the device management feature, which allows the IT department to disable devices instantly when necessary.

7. Datascope

With DataScope, companies can create forms like application forms, inspection, reports and receipts in digital format that can be validated with the signature of the person who fills in the data. This is a flexible tool that can be adapted to a wide variety of clients who can use the application from iOS or Android. If you manage a company and want to supervise a job, for example, you can send a form for your workers to send signed reports and even take photographs. Datascope keeps an online record of all documents received that allow generating automatic reports that indicate, in real time, the evolution of a project or the performance of a group of workers.

8. HappyFox

Your customers do not buy only during business hours. That is why it is imperative that your salespeople be able to handle the requests at all times. The best technical support software includes mobile applications that allow your customer service executives to answer calls, search for specific customer information, and resolve tickets while away from the desk. HappyFox offers a clear, clean and adaptable mobile interface that makes remote customer service simple.

9. MailChimp

Email marketing is a job 24/7. Tools like MailChimp make it easy to launch campaigns from a mobile device. With just a few clicks you can create the same campaign on your mobile device that you would have created from your desktop. You can even control the progress of the campaign, edit subscriber profiles and run multivariate reports, all from your mobile device.

10. HubSpot

HubSpot is not only one of the best marketing automation tools in the market, but also offers robust iOS and Android applications that allow your sales and marketing teams to manage contacts. You can monitor potential customers as they go through the funnel, communicate with partners in other areas, and evaluate campaign metrics to determine whether changes need to be made or not.

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