CAMIMEX – Mining is one of the most rooted industrial activities in Mexico

Mining is one of the most rooted industrial activities in Mexico. Its history and transformation over the years motivated the creation of the Mining Chamber of Mexico on May 2, 1906, which came about with the commitment to establish principles of action, behavioral guidelines and, mainly, to represent before federal and local issues related to the mining and metallurgical sector of Mexico.
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Having a good network of contacts is vital to success: 5 creative ways to network

Having a good network of contacts is vital to the success of an entrepreneur. Thanks to social networks, the process of meeting potential customers and business contacts has evolved dramatically. However, many people believe (wrongly) that networking is a law of numbers – the more contacts the better and if you go to many places, they will increase your chances of building your business and your reputation.
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6 things you should do before going to market with your product or service

Many entrepreneurs often make the mistake of worrying first about getting financing to start their business and forget that in reality the first step is to invest time. In what or for what? For example, in evaluating the feasibility of the idea or investigating the various factors that can influence success or failure. That should be your priority, and if it is viable, then you proceed to seek capital to start.
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17 Quotes by Bill Gates to inspire your work life

Facing each day to a long workday is not easy. Staying a job that does not motivate you, surrounded by an environment that does not favor your connection with work and distracts you from your daily tasks, making you constantly think about going to your home … It is not healthy, neither for you nor for the company. But at the same time, it is the most normal.